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Miami, FL’s Foremost Kitchen Remodeling Team

The kitchen is the heart of every home. So, you deserve the best kitchen possible. Miami, Florida’s The Trusty Handyman provides kitchen remodeling services that transform outdated kitchens into modern masterpieces. Your kitchen may just need a little work, or it may need a complete overhaul. So, we strive to provide comprehensive handyman services for you and your kitchen. Whether you just need to install a new sink or want to totally renovate your kitchen from top to bottom, we are here for you. Give yourself and your family the kitchen you deserve and use a team of handymen you can trust.


Let The Trusty Handyman Renovate Your Kitchen

The Trusty Handyman can perform minor repairs in your kitchen, but we love nothing more than helping give a family the kitchen of their dreams. If you have imagined a kitchen with an island or more counter space, we can do it for you. When we do kitchen remodeling, we meet with you and develop a plan for the work you’d like, from tiling to installing a new sink. Once we have your new kitchen planned, it’s just a matter of giving you a quote and scheduling the best time to start work.

Installing New Countertops and Kitchen Surfaces

Installing new countertops is one of the most common types of kitchen remodeling work we see at The Trusty Handyman. Your countertops dictate the style and appearance of your whole kitchen. We can help you select and install new countertops. Impress visitors with elegant marble countertops or durable granite. Get budget-friendly laminate countertops that look like natural stone. We can customize any countertop material to fit any shape or size. So, when we plan your new countertop installation, we can make areas bigger than they were before or move your sink over here or over there. When we’re installing a new countertop, we can change the entire layout of your kitchen however you want.

Free Quotes for All Kitchen Remodeling Work

Finding a team to install a new sink or cabinets for your kitchen can be a massive challenge. Many contractors charge too much for delivery or installation. At The Trusty Handyman, we provide free quotes for all our kitchen remodeling services, including cabinet and sink installation. So, you know exactly how much the work will cost before we perform it. Fixing up your kitchen with new cabinets and sinks shouldn’t be a mysterious process. We want to work closely with you throughout the entire planning process.

Begin Your Kitchen Remodeling Today!

If you’re tired of your old kitchen, you should know that The Trusty Handyman is here to help you renovate all or part of your kitchen. Making your kitchen look brand new is just one call away. We are ready to put our whole team to work on your kitchen. Whether you just want a new sink or want to design the kitchen of your dreams, we are here to help. To start improving your kitchen, call us directly or fill out our kitchen remodeling contact form here.

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