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Drywall Services

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Repairs, Finishing, and Texturing throughout South Florida; including Miami-dade, Broward County, and Palm Beach

If you have ever tried to install, repair, or replace drywall yourself, you know that it can be tricky and backbreaking work. The drywall specialists at The Trusty Handyman in South Florida, are here to solve this problem for you. We have experienced drywall contractors who know everything there is to know about drywall work.

We can do everything from repairing minor holes to completely retexturing your ceilings. Whatever type of drywall work you need, call the most trusted handymen in the area.

Drywall Repairs From a Trained Team

A hole in the wall can be an unsightly problem. Even worse, it can cause a serious ding to your home’s energy efficiency by giving the humidity and heat an easy pathway into your home. Whether you have a dent, crack, or hole in your drywall, don’t try to fix it yourself.

DIY drywall repairs always seem to leave obvious signs of the original damage and often look just as bad as they did before. Let our team of qualified drywall specialists at The Trusty Handyman bring your drywall back to its original, clean appearance.

Add or Remove Textures From Your Drywall

The texturing on a wall or ceiling is all a matter of taste. Some people love popcorn texture, and others hate it. However, changing the texture of a piece of drywall is a very delicate task. Doing so incorrectly can result in damage to the underlying drywall. The Trusty Handyman team knows how to remove any texture from your wall or ceiling.

We can also apply nearly any texture to a piece of drywall. So, whether you want to make a knockdown texture smooth or want to decorate a new piece of drywall with orange peel texture, we are the team for you.

Let the Pros Finish That Drywall Project for You

Once you install new drywall, it needs finishing before being painted. The Trusty Handyman has a team of professional drywall finishers who make the seams in your drywall disappear and get it ready to paint.

If you need, we can also paint the wall for you. If you have drywall that just doesn’t look complete, let our team of experts finish it for you.

Talk to Our Drywall Specialists Today!

Now that you know everything there is to know about our drywall team at The Trusty Handyman let’s get to work on your home. Our whole team is eager to make the drywall in your home free of damage and textured just the way you want. The walls of your house speak volumes.

Let them say something great. To get started, call us directly or fill out our drywall contact form here.

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